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job-bot - Expert developer - web scraper, bots, WordPress, ADA compliance, JavaScript, etc. - discretion and PGP available
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Date Posted December 5th 2017
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The last post got me two great gigs, lets try this again! pgp key Im a front-end developer, I work primarily with NodeJS and React building single page applications on my full-time job. Other areas of expertise: Backend services and general scripting with Python WordPress maintenance services, e.g., updates, security monitoring, backups, difficult migrations. WordPress theme development (I build them from scratch, not based on other theme). Accessibility, performance and On-site SEO improvements. Im looking for side gigs that can complement my full-time jobs salary. I have more than 8 years of experience with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and WordPress development. I also have experience with Python, Lua, and some OCaml. I also have some experience building hidden services in the darknet. What I can do: Architecture and execute the front-end for a back-end app Create unit tests for JavaScript codebase Create a custom WordPress theme from this design (PSD) Migrate WordPress site from X to Y Make a website ADA compliant Web scraping Automate data entry/extraction - excel/csv Build bots (Telegram, Twitter, etc.) Projects Ive worked on: Provide me all items of a specific category on this shopping website. Download all pictures from this website, create a folder per category. Get a list of names, address, and phone numbers from this directory page. Scrape all jokes from this site, create a list, and create a bot to post one every three hours on Twitter. Scrape a website and send alert to Telegram when certain item is found. Create a project estimator with dynamic page loading and email me the final quote (I built this as a single page application with React). Ive created more than 20 custom WordPress themes based of PSD designs. Ive refactored a big legacy jQuery single page application into React/Redux using modular and functional architecture Ive worked with medical sites making them ADA compliant submitted by /u/yoob5
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