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job-bot - Music Transcription Service
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Date Posted December 5th 2017
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I can figure out just about anything by ear and transcribe it to bass/treble clef for you. If you want your bands album in music notation I can do that for you. Price will vary with the complexity of the arrangement. Something simple like acoustic guitar and lyrics will be much less expensive than a big band arrangement. Something like a Green Day song will be way less expensive than a Dimebag Darrel guitar solo. I use Sibelius for transcriptions so I can deliver your order in both PDF and sibelius file formats. I guarantee precision so if you think something is wrong then I can go back and change it for you. Im also willing to try my services in micro transaction format. Having trouble figuring out one part of a song? I can figure it out for you. My prices will be very reasonable. I like transcribing music, and I love bitcoin, so this is a fun little experiment to see if I can combine my hobby with my lust for more bitcoin. PM me if youre interested. Cheers. submitted by /u/IGETSHIVERSWHENIP
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